“The population must be re-determined”

Evaluating the process we are in and the current issues of the region, Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that the biggest problem of the district is the population, “It is necessary to re-determine the population for better service to the Kyrenia people.”

“The population must be re-determined”
13 Ekim 2020 Salı 13:27

Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Güngördü evaluated important issues related to Kyrenia; He stated that citizens should take individual precautions first of all, with the opening of flights after the pandemic process, and said, “We had a good period during the pandemic period, but we started to have cases with the start of flights. We have to wear a mask everywhere we go. We shouldn’t neglect it; we need to safe first. We need to control the distance. Our police officers are on duty in this regard, they continue their work meticulously by warning our citizens in crowded points.”

 “The reason for the water cut is fiber optic cable”

Referring to the water shortage in the Kyrenia region in the past few days, Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Güngördü said, “For a long time, the works have been continuing to expand the Kyrenia-Alsancak road and to complete it. There is a fiber optic cable that follows the pipes coming in this direction from the Geçitköy Dam. This cable makes the system work; it is a guide cable that gives warning. The information that the cable was damaged came to us. This is the reason why there was a water shortage twice in 10 days.”

“The new law will relieve municipalities, albeit a little”

Speaking about the Municipalities Law to be amended, Mayor Güngördü said, “As you know, if we have to explain it correctly, the current Municipalities Law went to the committee and this will be discussed. There will be serious modifications. We think that with the passage of these renovations, the municipalities will be relieved financially. There are also some changes regarding to mayors. There are also some measures to correct the grievances of small municipalities. Minor renovations have been made since 1995 to this day. This time it will be better. We had a meeting of 28 mayors 2 years ago and we agreed on what needs to be change. Of course, the issue of the merger of municipalities was on the agenda later on, but now it is on hold.

“Every person has the right to live a quality life”

“People living in every city have the right to live a quality life and receive quality service. This is very important to us. Saying that quality life comes from a quality service, Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Güngördü mentioned the population shortage of the district and said, “Kyrenia receives a contribution compared to 33,200. Despite this, Kyrenia Municipality serves 100 thousand people. There are university students and soldiers. Census needs to be done. Prime Ministry official in this regard. But we do not necessarily say that people should be locked in their homes. But it is the finalisation of the current population in Kyrenia. We can do this with the spatial address system. Our concern is not only about money, but also that our people receive good service and a healthy life. I do not receive a contribution according to 70-75 thousand people in order to organise this. Accordingly, the number of personnel I will find should increase. Because currently, nearly 100 streets and roads are cleaned every day. Also there are schools and hospitals. Therefore, we have an election coming up, but we will take a serious stand after the elections and it is not possible for us to provide a service at a higher level than this level without determining the population of the city. We work with heart and soul from officer to councillor. I request the real population of the town to be determined on behalf of the people of Kyrenia.”

“The Government and the State should not see us as Competitors”

   Referring to the conflicts between municipalities and governments, Mayor Güngördü said that, “Governments should not see us as competitors. On the contrary, we are their representatives in villages and towns. If my people in my city have a smile on their face, it is due to the support the state gives us. We are groups that facilitate their work. This pandemic has already become clear. From March 10, when we were closed, to May 10, the municipalities worked with heart and soul. We helped people from medicine to food, from transportation to accommodation. I am in favour of strengthening local governments. I did not see the state or the government as a competitor. I want them to make legal regulations that will clear our way.”

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