Turkcell Kyrenia Half Marathon will be held on 14 April

The revenue to be obtained from the Turkcell Kyrenia Half Marathon will be donated to 3 institutions with the slogan “Running for Help” in cooperation with the Kyrenia Municipality and the TRNC Athletics Federation.

Turkcell  Kyrenia Half Marathon  will be held  on 14 April
01 Mart 2019 Cuma 23:47

Today a meeting was held for the “Turkcell Kyrenia Half Marathon” that will be held on April 14, 2019 with the slogan “Running for Help”  in cooperation with Kyrenia Municipality and TRNC Athletics Federation. At the meeting held at Kyrenia Grand Pasha Hotel, it was announced that the marathon revenue will be donated to the SOS Children’s Village Association, Kyrenia 18 Age Disability Rehabilitation Center and Akan Gürkan Education Foundation. The marathon, which will be starting from Kyrenia Kordonboyu and ending at the same place. There will be women and men categories in 3, 7 and 21 kilometre.

Güngördü: Work Has Started For It To Be International

During the press conference the Mayor of Kyrenia Nidai Güngördü stated that in addition to a sporting activity as well as social responsibility awareness, the event “Turkcell Kyrenia Half Marathon” which is in cooperation with the Athletics Federation that is taking place the second time this year in Kyrenia, they have experienced pride and excitement of the orgaanisation of the event. Nidai Güngördü pointed out that as a result of the trial, the 21-kilometer track was registered by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS). Güngördü said; for the half marathon, runners will be brought  from abroad and for the following year efforts will start for the event to be international. Güngördü said; for the half marathon, runners will be brought  from abroad and for the following year efforts will start for the event to be international. Güngördü, thanked TRNC Turkcell for sponsoring the half marathon for the second time, and the other institutions and organisations that has contributed and supported the event. He invited everyone to join the marathon.

Maden: We are Pleased to be the Sponsor Name

Northern Cyprus Turkcell General Manager Harun Maden stated that they are happy to be the sponsor name of the Kyrenia marathon again this year. He also reminded that the marathon, which took place last year and which involves a social responsibility, was spent in a festive atmosphere together with the participants from all ages and regions. Harun Maden noted, Turkcell Kyrenia Half Marathon track, with the IAAF approval, the organisation will play an important role in gaining an international qualification in later periods. Maden also noted that in the half marathon, North Cyprus Turkcell will offer free wi-fi service.

Samani: There is an International Union Approval

Halil Samani, the Chairman of the TRNC Athletics Federation, thanked the stakeholders of the organisation and emphasized that it is very important for the half marathon track to get an approval from IAAF and AIMS. Halil Samani pointed out that the participants who would compete in 21 kilometers would receive certificates bearing the approval of international union and congratulated the Municipality of Kyrenia to obtain this important approval.

Yozgat: We are in Social Responsibility Projects

Arkın Creative Arts and Design University Vice Rector Professor Doctor Uğur Yozgat stated that the organization will gain meaning through the participation of the public and stated that as a university, they will continue to participate in such social responsibility projects that will contribute to the promotion of the country and add value to the country.

Alagöz: Continue to contribue to sports, culture and art

Ramadan Cemil Businesses Corporate Communication and Human Resources Manager Yeşim Özenirler Alagöz stated that they will continue to contribute to social responsibility projects that support the country’s sport, culture and art, and added that they are happy to contribute to the organisation again this year.

Üresin: We are ready to contribute every year

Pasha Hotels General Manager Kemal Uresin stated that, as they have done last year, they would do their best to contribute every year.

Eminoğlu: The increase in the number of sponsors is important

Özlem Özbek Eminoğlu, Magic Touch Group Director stated that they are glad to contribute as a sponsor in the second year of the organisation and that it is very meanngful that the income obtained from the organisation will be used for the education of children and youngsters in 3 different institutions and organisations. Eminoğlu pointed out the inportance of sponsorship in social responsibility projects and expressen that it is gratifying that the number of sponsors this year has doubled.

Güryel: We contribute to 1627 youngster and children

The Vice President of the SOS Children’s Village Association, Dervis Çerkez Güryel, thanked the sponsors, the Kyrenia Municipality and the participants and said that they directly and indirectly contributed to the 1627 youngsters and children through family empowerment programs.

Usta: the IncomeWill be used for the Education of the Disabled People

Leyla Yorgancıoğlu Usta, the Officer at the Kyrenia 18 Above Aged Disabled Rehabilitation Center stated that the income recieved from the organisation will be used for the education of the youngsters with disabilities and thanked all that have contributed to the organisation.

Gürkan: Number of contributions will increase

Akan Gurkan Education Foundation Board of Trustees member Ayse Gurkan, stated that  the foundation that was established in 2017, has provided education scholarships for 5 children last year and with the income from the marathon, more children will be contributed.

Sezerli: We Will Continue to Contribute to Meaningful Organisations

Tayf Limited Director Hakan Sezerli stated that they are happy to be among the sponsors of the organisation and expressed that they will continue to contribute to such meaningful organisations in Kyrenia.

Seyitoğlu: If Kyrenia and Children Are Involved, We are In

Emine Seyitoğlu, the representative of Mehmet Eminoğlu Investment, emphasised that they will contribute to any kind of awareness and social responsibility project that Kyrenia and children are involed, and congratulated the Municipality of Kyrenia for the half marathon.

Birinci: We Will Announce the Marathon to the World

Tekin Birinci, the Chairman of Birinci Media Institution, stated that they aim to promote the culture, sport and art of the country in the best way possible, and as the media sponsor they will try to announce the event of the organisation in the best way possible.

Safa: It is Important for Embargo and Promotion

The Director of MY Group of Companies Emre Zeren Safa stated that such beautiful organisations in cooperation of ministries, institutions, organisations and all sections of the country will contribute to the introduction of the country to the world by overcoming the unfair embargoes applied to the TRNC.

Yıltan: Everyone should join the marathon

Atakom Limited representative Süleyman Yıltan said that they were happy to contribute to the Turkcell Kyrenia Half Marathon and invited everyone to join the marathon.

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